Lake restoration

Polyplan is your expert for implementing restoration measures and provides comprehensive support for the accompanying lake management. Moreover, in case of the planning of new inland waters, you can rely on our limnological and aquatic engineering
planning expertise.
  • Lake restoration concepts

    Usually, the restoration of inland waters begins within their catchment area. The external nutrient balances have to be influenced in a way that an improved trophic level can be demonstrated. Then, treatments will be applied to alter the material balances of the lake.

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  • Urban waters

    Urban waters become more and more important in the inner space of cities because of following reasons.
    They keep the humidity, reduce the dust, improve the micro cosmos, provide a relaxing, human friendly environment and they can improve the renewing rate of groundwater inside the city.

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  • Hypolimnic water aerator

    Tibean ...  Hypolimnic aeration without destratification
    In the temperate zones many lakes are dimictic with two mixing periods every year. The typical dimictic lake undergoes stratification in summer and winter and a complete overturn in spring and autumn. While the lake is stratified,vertical mass transport is restricted.

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  • Morphometric Measurement

    The Polyplan engineers are used to take morphometric measurements of lakes, rivers and catchment areas with full automatic sensor systems and drones. The correst tools and the optimized measurement grid are important for an economic proposal.
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  • Lake simulation

    Simulation models of aquatic ecosystems, velocities and stuff transports should be as simple as possible and as complex as necessary. The choice of the basic model and the modeling is very important to get the most success.
    The designer needs to use different basic models to get the best possible result with the lowest calculation times. Polyplan is using different basic models like  @Sea, Ansys, Mike and Aquasim.

  • Data collection and research

    Data research

    the realistic collection and research of the existing data are one of the most important basics for a successful Project development. Based on the existing data our limnologist and engineers prepare the measuring concept.

    Our Motto is: as less as possible, as much as necessary.

  • Freiraumplanung

    Polyplan is responsible for a lot of NSP Designs, constructed beaches, attractive floating pools and rivers and lakes and water playgrounds. Our landscape designers always try to implement all important local aspects. Our landscape group got international awards like the Pondy award of the IOB.
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