Design of Natural swimming pools

Polyplan is known as a innovative designer of modern pools. Even in terms of Natural swimming pools (NSP) we have experiences in tropical and northern regions. Based on our long term experiences in designing biological water treatment plants in connection with a series of research programs we became experts in this field of investigation.

Even in international projects we are always trying to use local products, materials and labor resources.

  • Natural swimming pools (NSP)

    Polyplans world wide NSP experiences

    Polyplan was responsible for 65 Natural Public pools and approx. 100 private NSP. Let’s say we are the most experienced consultant the widest variation of different pool opportunities like rifer pool, urban waters, Pools in Lakes and Natural swimming pools.

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  • Disinfected pools

    Polyplan Pool Design means, always both opportunities:

    Chlorinated pools

    Pools with natural water treatment

    Our Engineers provide you with the knowledge about both technologies. Because of this combination they are able to find out the best solution for your project and they are well prepared to discuss all specific details with your health department.
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  • Pools in rivers and lakes

    Back to the roots or back to the water, This is the motto of modern city designs.

    Polyplan is well prepared for this issue, because of the combination of the fields limnology, civil engineering and landscaping design.


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  • The Polyplan Network partners for Hotel and private NSP s.

    We are designing Hotel and private natural pools together with our network partners. These partners are the local experts in Italy, GB, Denmark, Sweden, etc.

    Some examples are shown in the following PDF.

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